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Helge Hass

University of Freiburg
Institute of Physics
Hermann-Herder-Straße 3
High-rise, room 208
79104 Freiburg
helgehass ät
Tel +49 761 203 8533


Research Interests:
  • Mathematical modelling of RTK crosstalk mechanisms in cancer.
  • Linking model-derived features to cell fate via machine learning
  • Establishing a gene network for developmental timing in early Zebrafish embrios through Pou/Sox transcription factors
  • Approximation of prediction and validation bands via integration methods with adapted correction mechanisms (Download of analytical ABC example)
  • Integration and optimisation techniques, sensitivity computation
  • Co-Developer of open-source
Projects involved in:
LungSys II
BIOSS Centre for Biological Signalling Studies

H. Hass, F. Kipkeew, A. Gauhar, E. Bouch, P. May, J. Timmer, H.H. Bock, (2017)
Mathematical model of early Reelin-induced Src family kinase-mediated signaling.
PLoS ONE (2017) In press(X)
H. Hass, K. Masson, S. Wohlgemuth, V. Paragas, J.E. Allen, M. Sevecka, E. Pace, J. Timmer, J. Stelling, G. MacBeath, B. Schoeberl, A. Raue, (2017)
Predicting ligand-dependent tumors from multi-dimensional signaling features.
npj Systems Biology and Applications (2016) 3(1)
D. Kurzhunov, R. Borowiak, H. Hass, P. Wagner, A. Krafft, J. Timmer M. Bock, (2016)
In vivo quantification of oxygen metabolic rates in the human brain with dynamic 17 O MRI: profile likelihood analysis.
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (2016) 78(3): 1157-1167
T. Maiwald, H. Hass, B. Steiert (shared), J. Vanlier, R. Engesser, A. Raue, F. Kipkeew, H.H. Bock, D. Kaschek, C. Kreutz, J. Timmer, (2016)
Driving the model to its limit: profile likelihood based model reduction.
PloS ONE (2016) 11(9): e0162366
R. Merkle, B. Steiert, F. Salopiata, S. Depner, A. Raue, N. Iwamoto, M. Schelker, H. Hass, M. Wäsch, M. Böhm, O. Mäcke, D.B. Lipka, C. Plass, W.D. Lehmann, C. Kreutz, J. Timmer, M. Schilling, U. Klingmüller, (2016)
Identification of cell type-specific differences in erythropoietin receptor signaling in primary erythroid and lung cancer cells.
PloS Comp. Biology (2016) 12(8): e1005049
Hass, H, Kreutz C, Timmer J, Kaschek D, (2016)
Fast integration-based prediction bands for ordinary differential equation models
Bioinformatics (2016) 32(8): 1204-1210
Raue A, Steiert B, Schelker M, Kreutz C, Maiwald T, Hass H, Vanlier J, Tönsing C, Adlung L, Engesser R, Mader W, Heinemann T, Hasenauer J, Schilling M, Höfer T, Klipp E, Theis F, Klingmüller U, Schoberl B, Timmer J, (2015)
Data2Dynamics: a modeling environment tailored to parameter estimation in dynamical systems
Bioinformatics (2015) 31(21): 3558-3560.

Invited Talks:
09/2017Profile-likelihood based model reduction
07/2017Predicting tumor growth and ligand dependence from mRNA by combining mechanistic modeling with machine learning
02/2017Mechanism-based learning connects response to growth factors with their expression in tumors

Alumni Award 2014 from the University of Freiburg
10/08 - 04/13: Scholarship awarded from Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung
01/08 - 04/13: Scholarship awarded from
Curriculum Vitae:
detailed CV
02/2016 - 09/2016Intern at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA, USA
since 01/2014PhD student in the group of Prof. Dr. Jens Timmer, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
10/2005 - 04/2013Student of physics at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Diploma Thesis (advisor Prof. Dr. Karl Jakobs):
10/2007 - 07/2011Bachelor study of economics at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Data 2 Dynamics Software