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Bente Kofahl

Bente Kofahl

Institute of Physics
University of Freiburg
Physics high-rise, room 207
Hermann-Herder-Str. 3
79104 Freiburg i.Br.
bente.kofahl -at-
phone: +49 761 203 7633



Research interests:
development and analyses of ODE models of signal transduction pathways and gene-regulatory network under normal and abnormal conditions
- effects of mutations and prediction of effective target points
- impact of individual processes on signalling characteristics
- impact of feedbacks

Projects involved in:
DNp73-IGF1R signalling-based systems model for the prediction of metastasis probability and therapy responses in malignant melanoma
The project is in collaboration with the Institute of Experimental Gene Therapy and Cancer Research at Rostock University Medical Center.

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Curriculum Vitae:
since 2017 PostDoc in Prof. Dr. Jens Timmer's group "Data Analysis and Modeling of Dynamic Processes in the Life Sciences" at University of Freiburg
2011 - 2017 PostDoc in Dr. Jana Wolf's group "Mathematical Modelling of Cellular Processes" at Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine (MDC), Berlin
2005 - 2011 PhD student in the groups of "Theoretical Biophysics" at Humboldt-University Berlin, "Mathematical Modelling of Cellular Processes" at MDC and "Data Analysis and Modeling of Dynamic Processes in the Life Sciences"
2004 Diploma thesis in Biophysics at Humboldt-University Berlin
“Mathematical Modelling of Signal Transduction Pathways in Baker’s Yeast”